Member Profile – Adrian Simkins

I grew up in the UK and was addicted to soccer as a child, I was a midfield dynamo, born with endurance and used it to my advantage. I ran track and cross country in school and won most of the longer events, even back then I knew that I’d eventually run marathons.

In 2009 I was living in Vancouver, Angela and I decided to train and race our first triathlon together. I’d kept in good shape weight training and running but, I’d never really learnt to swim properly so I got a swim coach and started the love hate relationship. The Vancouver local mountains were my cycling playground and I’d often ride to Whistler up the Sea to Sky highway. 

In 2011, I was on a ferry to Alcatraz, Andy Potts was sitting in the corner with headphones on, before I knew it I was leaping into the 11.8c water and swimming to San Fransisco Bay. My friends were hungover on shore and terrified at what I was doing. It took half an hour on the bike to feel my fingers and toes but the swim was unforgetable and there is no better way to see the great city of San Francisco than cycling and running around its suburbs.

Adrian at the 70.3 World Championships

I raced my first Ironman in 2013 in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, another cold swim but I was hooked. I truly love the mental challenge of endurance sports, maybe more than the physical requirements.

In 2014 I ran the Boston Marathon, I qualified in Portland and had ran Seattle and Vancouver previously. Boston was healing from the bombings the previous year, the crowds and atmosphere were amazing, it was a special marathon to be a part of.

After Boston we headed to Miami for a vacation and randomly met Leanda Cave and Jenny Fletcher. Early the following morning I was swim and run training on South Beach with a double world champion, is this possible in any other sport? 

I qualified to race for Canada at the ITU worlds in Edmonton, Angela’s family are all from Alberta so I had a massive group of supporters and was very proud to represent my adopted country. Leanda messaged me good luck, what a legend! 

In late 2014 we moved from Vancouver to Port Augusta, I ran a couple of marathons and found a good local cycling community and started to explore the Flinders Ranges.

We moved to Adelaide in 2017 and I entered my first race as a Laker, Ironman Busselton. No swim due to sharks, intense heat, bushfires and kangaroo collisions, a very Aussie experience.

I raced double worlds, Nice and Kona 5 weeks apart in 2019 the experience was enriched by a great group of Lakers at each event, what a year! 

I’ll continue to travel and race Ironman with the Lakers and would like to don the Green and Yellow and represent Australia at ITU Long Distance when the citizenship arrives.

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