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  • Member Profile – Karen McPherson

    Member Profile – Karen McPherson

    First Ironman, bucket list for turning 60, and no idea what to expect, but a young experienced couple in our tri club, (our pros!), were always there to give advice and encouragement. Winter in the Red Centre is short and great to train in, however, summer weather can be debilitating with temps in high 30’s […]

  • Member Profile – Miia Rahja

    Member Profile – Miia Rahja

    There is a word in Finnish, ‘sisu’, that is used to describe a set of characteristics believed that only Finns posses. There is no English word equivalent. It expresses Finnish character and is about having grit, about acting against the odds, about showing courage, and about deciding on a course of action and then sticking […]

  • Member Profile – Adrian Simkins

    Member Profile – Adrian Simkins

    I grew up in the UK and was addicted to soccer as a child, I was a midfield dynamo, born with endurance and used it to my advantage. I ran track and cross country in school and won most of the longer events, even back then I knew that I’d eventually run marathons. In 2009 […]

  • Member Profile – Gavin Lutze

    Member Profile – Gavin Lutze

    My first triathlon was an enticer event at Meningie in 2006, 100 m swim, 8k bike, 1km run. That evening at a party everyone I told was so impressed that I’d done such a gruelling event at the old age of 45. Next was Kingston Olympic, finished 2nd last, then some Gatti races. Still finishing […]

  • Member Profile – James Hammond

    Member Profile – James Hammond

    I’ve loved sports my whole life and have a fairly competitive nature. I grew up in New Zealand playing cricket, hockey and golf as well as competitive swimming up until 13 which has been handy to resume as an adult triathlete. I never really chose a single sport to excel in and was more a […]

  • Member Profile – Wendy Keast

    Member Profile – Wendy Keast

    My husband Glen and I joined the Lakers after he decided to do his first (and supposedly only) Ironman in 2013.  I had never heard of this sport before, and after learning about what it entailed, I really thought it was complete madness! Whilst in Port Macquarie for said mad sport, we met Bernie and […]