Coaching 101 – Listen to your body

As triathletes we live on the edge. We push the boundaries trying to eek the life out of every last second of the day. However the flip side of this achievement based existence is that it does place us at a greater risk of injury and some health issues. So while some risks go up … Continue reading Coaching 101 – Listen to your body

Member Profile – Karen McPherson

First Ironman, bucket list for turning 60, and no idea what to expect, but a young experienced couple in our tri club, (our pros!), were always there to give advice and encouragement. Winter in the Red Centre is short and great to train in, however, summer weather can be debilitating with temps in high 30’s … Continue reading Member Profile – Karen McPherson

Coaching 101 – Group Riding

I love team time trial TTT season. I have been doing it for about 20 years since I joined in with the Powerbar boys who were seen as the pinnacle of the sport back when I first started. There is nothing better than getting with your mates and just smashing each other over a 30-40km … Continue reading Coaching 101 – Group Riding

Coaching 101 – Triathlon Review

With race one of this season triathlon season done and dusted I always enjoy sitting down with my athletes and talking through their experience post-race.  Yes we look at the numbers HR, power, pace but I am equally interested in how the day unfolded and where they can find free speed. That way we have … Continue reading Coaching 101 – Triathlon Review

Coaching 101 – Triathlon Kit Bag

So with the first triathlon of the season upon us, the final equipment review relates to all the little bits and pieces that you may require for training or on race day Weights equipment or a gym membership. Bands are great (tubing you can tie onto things or thicker looped bands for looping around your … Continue reading Coaching 101 – Triathlon Kit Bag

Coaching 101 – Run Equipment

If bike equipment is the most complex aspect of triathlon then running would have to be the simplest.  Shoes, like cycling, includes both training and racing options and given our love affair with trails then you can add trail shoes to the mixTraining shoes is a specific and personal thing. The shoe has to fit … Continue reading Coaching 101 – Run Equipment

Member Profile – Miia Rahja

There is a word in Finnish, ‘sisu’, that is used to describe a set of characteristics believed that only Finns posses. There is no English word equivalent. It expresses Finnish character and is about having grit, about acting against the odds, about showing courage, and about deciding on a course of action and then sticking … Continue reading Member Profile – Miia Rahja

Coaching 101 – Bike Equipment 101

When it comes to triathlon equipment the bike is the area that throws up the most questions, simply because there are just so many options and everyone has advice on what is their favourite. This piece is not so much about comparing one against the other rather it is about looking at what you need … Continue reading Coaching 101 – Bike Equipment 101

Coaching 101 – Swim Equipment 101

With the first triathlon of the season and open water swimming only weeks away it is a good time to review your equipment to make sure you are ready for the season ahead. As a beginner to the sport, all of the equipment required can appear daunting. The following information provides you with a basic … Continue reading Coaching 101 – Swim Equipment 101

Member Profile – Adrian Simkins

I grew up in the UK and was addicted to soccer as a child, I was a midfield dynamo, born with endurance and used it to my advantage. I ran track and cross country in school and won most of the longer events, even back then I knew that I’d eventually run marathons. In 2009 … Continue reading Member Profile – Adrian Simkins

Coaching 101 – Marathon

Next weekend is the Adelaide marathon. While there have been doubts over whether it would happen, it looks as if they have come up with a strategy that the health department approve of. This means it will be a marathon unlike any other you have competed in. The main change will be that the race … Continue reading Coaching 101 – Marathon

Coaching 101 – Mind Hacks

When it comes to training and racing the mind is often the biggest obstacle triathletes have to overcome. For some training and racing is something they look forward to. They have made it a part of their world and they have been able to associate it with a positive. However for others just getting out … Continue reading Coaching 101 – Mind Hacks

Coaching 101 – Climbing

While the weather hasn’t been perfect for our weekend rides I want to keep our ride theme going. This week I want to give you a few things to think about when you are climbing. While riding a bike uphill doesn’t pose many challenges as the slower speed makes us less likely to fall and … Continue reading Coaching 101 – Climbing

Coaching 101 – Bike Handling

Last week we looked at how you position yourself on the bike, so to keep the cycling theme going today we are exploring bike handling. It is interesting when I talk to people about their bike handling. Some will say I haven’t had a crash so it must be okay, others will say yeah I am pretty … Continue reading Coaching 101 – Bike Handling

Member Profile – Gavin Lutze

My first triathlon was an enticer event at Meningie in 2006, 100 m swim, 8k bike, 1km run. That evening at a party everyone I told was so impressed that I’d done such a gruelling event at the old age of 45. Next was Kingston Olympic, finished 2nd last, then some Gatti races. Still finishing … Continue reading Member Profile – Gavin Lutze

Coaching 101 – Bike Positioning

With spring approaching you should be  starting to think about riding more. While this winter the A group has turned into a fun, smash fest out to Lobethal, after our grand final on Saturday it is time to regroup a little bit and get some solid consistent miles into the legs. However it is one … Continue reading Coaching 101 – Bike Positioning

Coaching 101 – Chasing Numbers

Talk to enough triathletes and you soon realise they share many things in common, their personalities, their drive, their passion, their love of coffee, gadgets and classy training outfits, but without a doubt the strongest connection between triathletes of all abilities is their love of numbers. Whether it be power, HR, time, distance, meters of … Continue reading Coaching 101 – Chasing Numbers

Coaching 101 – Racing and Pacing

Sunday is our annual Lakers 5-25 run which has morphed into a 7-42 run. The option of a 42km run gives people the chance to run a qualifier for Wonderland if it goes ahead this year and also to go the journey on the same day that the Gold Coast marathon would have been happening.  … Continue reading Coaching 101 – Racing and Pacing

Coaching 101 – Getting into the swim of things

With swim training due to get under way shortly it is a good opportunity to reboot your swimming and make it better than ever. To start with if you haven’t swum for a while swimming will be tough. Maybe the first 25m will feel good but if you are like me, after that the piano … Continue reading Coaching 101 – Getting into the swim of things

Coaching 101 – Winter Solstice

Never before has June 21st meant so much. Typically I write how June 21 represents the first turning point of winter. Mentally training at this time of the year is tough as the mornings are dark and the weather cold and this year wet. This year after the isolation of the past 3 months winter solstice … Continue reading Coaching 101 – Winter Solstice

Coaching 101 – Back Into Running

So this week we were finally able to get back out to Laker run training for the first time in 3 months. While I must say I did enjoy the break I was ready to get back into things and get another pre-season into my body. While it was cold Tuesday night it was great … Continue reading Coaching 101 – Back Into Running

Coaching 101 – Triathlon Potential

The Covid break gave me a chance to clean out my old triathlon resources. As I scanned through countless books and articles, it made me realise that what we think is some awesome new approach to training that we have devised has all been done before.  Even when I look back at what the Lakers … Continue reading Coaching 101 – Triathlon Potential

Member Profile – James Hammond

I’ve loved sports my whole life and have a fairly competitive nature. I grew up in New Zealand playing cricket, hockey and golf as well as competitive swimming up until 13 which has been handy to resume as an adult triathlete. I never really chose a single sport to excel in and was more a … Continue reading Member Profile – James Hammond

When to rotate shoes…

No, this is not talking about just flipping your running shoes over to get the dirt out! When is it beneficial to have multiple pairs of shoes in your weekly running routine? If you are at a stage in your running life where you are pounding the pavement on consecutive days and/or adding different styles … Continue reading When to rotate shoes…

Coaching 101 – Everesting 2020

Last Saturday two Lakers, Hugh Gallagher and Allan Thomas completed an epic day, Everesting Ridgeland drive off Norton Summit. While there were some doubts about the weather the boys were committed and locked in a  4am start. Hugh is not renowned for his early starts so beating Allan to the start line was a massive … Continue reading Coaching 101 – Everesting 2020

Member Profile – Wendy Keast

My husband Glen and I joined the Lakers after he decided to do his first (and supposedly only) Ironman in 2013.  I had never heard of this sport before, and after learning about what it entailed, I really thought it was complete madness! Whilst in Port Macquarie for said mad sport, we met Bernie and … Continue reading Member Profile – Wendy Keast

Coaching 101 – Bike Maintenance

If you are brave enough to ride outdoors wet weather means a dirty bike. I know I have been very guilty in the past of not giving my bike the TLC it deserves. My solution to cleaning was to simply throw my lube on the chain. However now that I have found a way to … Continue reading Coaching 101 – Bike Maintenance

Strength Training for Endurance Athletes

Why it’s important what to look for in a good program Strength Training is rapidly growing in the field of endurance sports and we know why! There are many benefits to incorporating a well-planned strength and conditioning program into your training including:  Improved neuromuscular qualities Improved economyReduced injury occurrenceImproved performance A recent study that was conducted … Continue reading Strength Training for Endurance Athletes