Coaching 101 – Back Into Running

So this week we were finally able to get back out to Laker run training for the first time in 3 months. While I must say I did enjoy the break I was ready to get back into things and get another pre-season into my body. While it was cold Tuesday night it was great to see everyone so focused and keen to make the most of the opportunity.

The three sessions that are available to members each week have a clear purpose and offer plenty of advantages.

  • Tuesday runs are about using short hills (that will progressively get harder over the months) to work on muscle recruitment, force production, stride mechanics and finally fitness. The more muscle fibre we have available (linked to the brain via the nervous system) the greater our potential to train and race hard. These sets are mostly about the uphill efforts. Initially we are not looking for high HRs or fatigue through the set. We mostly just want to focus on building towards high quality efforts. The in-between runs are mostly aerobic runs and a chance to regroup. If you go too fast as it can increase fatigue level and tire you out for your next rep
  • Thursday nights will cycle through 4 runs. The focus is mostly on steady aerobic running interspersed with some efforts (strides or hills) or exploring pacing with some build u runs. Fatigue is vital in producing aerobic development so including a few change ups in a steady run may allow greater adaptation.
  • Sundays trail runs offer multiple benefits; endurance, muscle endurance (concentric and eccentric) and if you push a bit there are also plenty of aerobic gains that can be made.

But above all run training with the Lakers is great for social connection, for seeing where everyone is at, for testing yourself in real world situations against others, for braving the elements, testing new equipment and laying down a good foundation of training you can compare each year.

If you haven’t been out to one of our sessions before they are designed to suit all levels. Yes you may be at the back but the sessions are all designed to involve regular interaction so you won’t be alone. Sunday trail running is possibly the only sessions where it can be tricky to cater for all abilities as it is not always practical to wait or loop back. Arranging a run buddy is an easy way to make sure that you are not alone.

Whether you are at the front or back of the pack, training for an IM, marathon, to lose weight, to get away from the stress of work or if you just want some company then these three sessions should help you achieve your goals.

The main thing is to start slowly (check your ego at the door on arrival), listen to your body (pain is your brains way of telling you something is not right) and quit while you are ahead (any session you can walk away from still smiling is a good one).

See you at training


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