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  • Coaching 101 – Run Equipment

    Coaching 101 – Run Equipment

    If bike equipment is the most complex aspect of triathlon then running would have to be the simplest.  Shoes, like cycling, includes both training and racing options and given our love affair with trails then you can add trail shoes to the mix Training shoes is a specific and personal thing. The shoe has to […]

  • Coaching 101 – Marathon

    Coaching 101 – Marathon

    Next weekend is the Adelaide marathon. While there have been doubts over whether it would happen, it looks as if they have come up with a strategy that the health department approve of. This means it will be a marathon unlike any other you have competed in. The main change will be that the race […]

  • Coaching 101 – Chasing Numbers

    Coaching 101 – Chasing Numbers

    Talk to enough triathletes and you soon realise they share many things in common, their personalities, their drive, their passion, their love of coffee, gadgets and classy training outfits, but without a doubt the strongest connection between triathletes of all abilities is their love of numbers. Whether it be power, HR, time, distance, meters of […]

  • Coaching 101 – Racing and Pacing

    Coaching 101 – Racing and Pacing

    Sunday is our annual Lakers 5-25 run which has morphed into a 7-42 run. The option of a 42km run gives people the chance to run a qualifier for Wonderland if it goes ahead this year and also to go the journey on the same day that the Gold Coast marathon would have been happening.  […]

  • Coaching 101 – Winter Solstice

    Coaching 101 – Winter Solstice

    Never before has June 21st meant so much. Typically I write how June 21 represents the first turning point of winter. Mentally training at this time of the year is tough as the mornings are dark and the weather cold and this year wet. This year after the isolation of the past 3 months winter solstice […]

  • Coaching 101 – Back Into Running

    Coaching 101 – Back Into Running

    So this week we were finally able to get back out to Laker run training for the first time in 3 months. While I must say I did enjoy the break I was ready to get back into things and get another pre-season into my body. While it was cold Tuesday night it was great […]