I hope you’ve had a great week, especially those of you that were able to get some time off work to follow the race! There has been some terrific pics on our Lakers FB Page.

Most of you may already be aware of the celebrity in our midst, Nancy Cullen for her amazing year taking out the Overall IRONMAN All World Athlete Champion in her age group category – and the only female in Australia to do so! But for those that haven’t seen this, check it out Here.

After doing a cross reference check with the 2017 Age Group Ranking on the AWA Ironman site against my list of Female Lakers Members for both the Full Ironman Distance and the 70.3, the below names are listed in ‘Country Position’.


Nancy Cullen – 1
Annette Eastwood – 4
Susanê Belkhiati – 5
Andreanna Humphrey – 8
Sarah McEachern – 7
Mardy Hunt – 10
Bernie Cummins – 10

Mary Mitchell – 1
Kay Anderson – 5
Rhiannon Hughes – 15
Mardy Hunt – 19
No, that’s not a typo, Mardy got on both lists!

Don’t forget to send me your personal race recaps to Susanê ,and if you don’t post on the Lakers Facebook page but happy to have a mention, if you can flick me an email so I don’t leave you out. Thanks to everyone currently doing this J

Happy and safe training
Lady Lakers Manager

Contact: Mobile  0415 547 535



Published by Tony Brady

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