Member Profile – Paul Ellul

I had just turned 47 and hadn’t exercised properly in nearly 10 years. (Sad but true). I weighed more than ever, and I felt sh……!! When the results of a health check came back with High Cholesterol and fatty Liver, that was the wakeup call I needed. I started to eat right & exercise and lost 15kgs. I began riding my $300 old mountain bike but when “proper cyclists” would go flying past, I blamed the bike (no doubt it was also my lack of fitness & ability). Nonetheless, I bought a road bike.

I never set out to do triathlon and must thank Kev Carr. He has been a huge mentor. We started riding together, which lead to Saturday rides with the Lakers. Kev had registered for Noosa 2018, and mentioned it to my wife. She made the decision, Noosa- Holiday- Yes! Slight problem, I’d only just started cycling & I had never swum. So, the “real triathlon training” began. I got through Noosa (albeit slowly) and have since tackled eleven triathlons. This has included two 70.3 distance races and I also ran my first Marathon.

I look at what other Lakers are achieving, and I’m amazed at their ability, attitude & commitment. It is a real inspiration. It’s also taught me that I can push my body a lot harder than I had ever thought. But I try not to take it too seriously. Priority will always be fitness & enjoyment first. And I’ve never drank as much coffee as I have in the last 3 years.

I enjoy the many challenges triathlon throws up. But I still get nervous before a race & stand on the beach thinking, “What am I doing here?” But thinking back to where I was a few years ago, I reckon I’m doing ok.

Thanks Lakers.

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