Moana State Series-Sprint

Bonnie Doran

Howdy Lakers,

The Moana Triathlon as a whole was a unique milestone for each Laker. Whether it was a personal best, a great time at the beach or hard work proving its worth. Yet, the day started much the same for each individual. An early registration at the other side of town meant of course for the most of us an early rise (very, very early if I dare say so). But as if weren’t used to that already!

The welcome of the sun and the buzz of the crowd was somewhat refreshing and energising at the same time. Competitors from the scope of Australia resulted in a vast spectrum of club colours, but however so intimidating it seemed, the aurora of blue Lakers is always a force to be reckoned with.

Am I right?

Walking through the Moana Surf Club the pre-sprint-distance jitters had not yet registered for me. This all changed of course standing on the start line. The water showed its support by wearing a stylish but very suitable bright blue hue. To spin it off, the current was flowing from the start to finish which definitely acted as an advantage for everybody. In addition to this, I found the last length of the swim became a bit easier thanks to the powerful surges of the tide headed inland – that is of course ignoring the water that was swallowed in the process!

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After collecting the bike on T1, I turned my sights upward to meet the view of a uphill bump that was rumoured to be the toughest hill of the entire bike course. Since I was expecting a hill as gruesome as the big dipper, my ego was boosted tremendously. However, my first impressions of the course were soon to be cut short. The real surprise came after the U-turn where a very scary hill was waiting to be conquered. In moments like that there is only one thing to be said – bless for the lowest gear bless bless bless. On the whole, there was a complimentary downhill which the wiser among the competitors used to gain exhilarating speeds and absorb the breathtaking backdrop.

Last leg. The real deal. The icing on the cake. A hill at the start of the run meant that I needed to pick up my leg speed again afterwards for the rest of the uphill climb – if it wasn’t hard enough already just running. A perfect amount of sunshine and a course that extended along the beach path resulted in perfect running conditions. Waiting at the finish line were a large number of smiling faces, positive attitudes and an obligatory reservation at the Deep Blue Cafe.

This fantastic event brings me to only one conclusion: The Henley Beach Triathlon! Where we claim victory on our own terrain. Now that’s just crazy! #HenleyTriathlon2019 #OceanSwim #PelicanPointRide #EsplanadeRun #CelebratoryCibo

Best wishes over the holiday season Bonnie Doran 🙂




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