Coaching 101 – Triathlon Review

With race one of this season triathlon season done and dusted I always enjoy sitting down with my athletes and talking through their experience post-race.  Yes we look at the numbers HR, power, pace but I am equally interested in how the day unfolded and where they can find free speed. That way we have … Continue reading Coaching 101 – Triathlon Review

Coaching 101 – Marathon

Next weekend is the Adelaide marathon. While there have been doubts over whether it would happen, it looks as if they have come up with a strategy that the health department approve of. This means it will be a marathon unlike any other you have competed in. The main change will be that the race … Continue reading Coaching 101 – Marathon

Paratriathlon World Cup: Laker – Tony Scoleri

Devonport was hosting a few events this weekend including a Paratriathlon World Cup race, sprint distance. Tony was happy with his performance after switching back from IM70.3 and Ironman to sprint distance in the past two months. The 30-35 knots wind had him going at 45-48km/h in the tail wind over the six laps of … Continue reading Paratriathlon World Cup: Laker – Tony Scoleri

Moana State Series-Sprint

Bonnie Doran Howdy Lakers, The Moana Triathlon as a whole was a unique milestone for each Laker. Whether it was a personal best, a great time at the beach or hard work proving its worth. Yet, the day started much the same for each individual. An early registration at the other side of town meant … Continue reading Moana State Series-Sprint