Daylight Savings Running Uni-Loop

Thursday Night Running: Uni-Loop.

Vicpark-ACC-CJO-__MGL7425_400_230_c1Due to a continuing demand, Uni-Loop Thursday night running is continuing, so another venue during the warmer daylight saving months. Idea for those in the City or Eastern suburbs that find it difficult to get to Henley.

These sessions are a great speed work out for those with visions of climbing up the Lakers ladder this year. Age’s range from 16 to 70, so there is a speed set for all.

The sessions start at 6pm with warm up from 6:00 to 6:10 then main set runs from 6.10 to 6:40pm.Cool down till 7:00pm. Meet at the 800m mark on War Memorial Drive, 100m up from the Frome Rd. Roundabout.

Either Tony Brady or Nick Muxlow will be in attendance with the evenings Set and Projected run pace’s.

Screenshot 2017-10-04 10.13.14

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