Lakers Zwift and Zoom Meetings

NOTE: These online rides are currently not running.

The Lakers are running Zwift rides and Zoom meetings during the COVID-19 restrictions. Details on how to get started and join in the sessions are below.

Saturday Morning Rides

Two rides at 7:15am:

  • Structured workout with Mike
  • Social ride with Steve

All rides are happening on the Zwift platform with communication via Zoom.

To get started with Zwift you will need:

  • Bike
  • Indoor Trainer
  • Computer, tablet or Apple TV with Zwift app installed
  • A way to connect your bike/ trainer to the device. This is dependent on your trainer.
    • Smart trainers will generally connect via Bluetooth or ANT+
    • Standard trainers can connect via a speed/ cadence sensor via Bluetooth or ANT+
    • If you are using ANT+ you will likely need a dongle to connect to your device
  • A Zwift account (free trial up to 25km)
  • For full info check out this article: What you need to ride on Zwift

How to join a ride:

  1. *Important: Join the relevant Facebook event by 7 pm Friday evening so the ride leaders can organise the events. 
    • Note: You can NOT simply join in on the ride on Saturday morning.
  2. Download the Zwift companion app to your smartphone (iOS version here)
  3. When in the app:
    1. Go to ‘more’
    2. ‘Find Zwifters’
    3. Search for ‘-Quinny’ and/or ‘Steve Diamond’ and follow.
  4. Mike/ Steve will add you to the relevant meetup
  5. On the morning of the ride login to Zwift. Connect and start a ride. You will be prompted to ‘join meetup’ 5-min before the ride starts.
  6. Happy Zwifting!

How to join the video feed/ conversation

  1. There will be a concurrent Zoom room open at the same time as the ride and for 30-min after the ride finishes if you want to share a coffee over Zoom.
  2. You will need to run Zoom on a separate device e.g. smartphone.
  3. The Zoom meeting ID and password are provided in the Blue Train Weekly.
  4. The ride leader will use the Zoom feed to communicate with the group.
  5. You can talk to the group as well but when you are not talking, make sure to mute your microphone.
  6. Zoom is also a video platform. If you are on video be conscious of what you are wearing.

Extra info

  • Both rides will have the ‘stay together’ function enabled.
  • Steve’s ride will be a social ride i.e. you ride at whatever intensity you want.
  • Mike’s ride will be a structured session coached via the Zoom channel using % FTP and/or RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) to dictate different types of intervals and intensities. The workout set will be posted to the Facebook event.
  • The rides will last between 60-90 minutes
  • Make sure you have a couple of bidons (one with electrolyte) and a fan. It can get very sweaty on the indoor trainer.
  • To get the most out of the structured workouts it will be useful to know your FTP. You can find this out by completing one of the FTP tests in Zwift (a ramp test is the quickest way to get a baseline measure).
  • Every 3 weeks the ride will be replaced with joining in a Zwift race or event as a Lakers team.

Zoom Information

Time: Every Saturday 07:15 AM Adelaide
If you wish download and import the following iCalendar (.ics) files to your calendar system.

Links and passwords will be provided in the Blue Train Weekly for the virtual sessions.