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  • Coaching 101 – Swim Equipment 101

    Coaching 101 – Swim Equipment 101

    With the first triathlon of the season and open water swimming only weeks away it is a good time to review your equipment to make sure you are ready for the season ahead. As a beginner to the sport, all of the equipment required can appear daunting. The following information provides you with a basic […]

  • Coaching 101 – Getting into the swim of things

    Coaching 101 – Getting into the swim of things

    With swim training due to get under way shortly it is a good opportunity to reboot your swimming and make it better than ever. To start with if you haven’t swum for a while swimming will be tough. Maybe the first 25m will feel good but if you are like me, after that the piano […]

  • Wetsuits – Buying, Care and Maintenance

    Wetsuits – Buying, Care and Maintenance

    Hi Lakers, Ken here from Oi Wetsuit Repairs, I’m here to talk about Wetsuits ie:- Buying, Care and Maintenance. Firstly when buying a wetsuit know what your going to use it for (Triathlons or Open water swimming?), from there you should ask the shop assistant as many questions as possible about the wetsuit such as […]