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  • Coaching 101 – Run Equipment

    Coaching 101 – Run Equipment

    If bike equipment is the most complex aspect of triathlon then running would have to be the simplest.  Shoes, like cycling, includes both training and racing options and given our love affair with trails then you can add trail shoes to the mix Training shoes is a specific and personal thing. The shoe has to […]

  • Coaching 101 – Bike Equipment 101

    Coaching 101 – Bike Equipment 101

    When it comes to triathlon equipment the bike is the area that throws up the most questions, simply because there are just so many options and everyone has advice on what is their favourite. This piece is not so much about comparing one against the other rather it is about looking at what you need […]

  • Coaching 101 – Swim Equipment 101

    Coaching 101 – Swim Equipment 101

    With the first triathlon of the season and open water swimming only weeks away it is a good time to review your equipment to make sure you are ready for the season ahead. As a beginner to the sport, all of the equipment required can appear daunting. The following information provides you with a basic […]