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  • Coaching 101 – Group Riding

    Coaching 101 – Group Riding

    I love team time trial TTT season. I have been doing it for about 20 years since I joined in with the Powerbar boys who were seen as the pinnacle of the sport back when I first started. There is nothing better than getting with your mates and just smashing each other over a 30-40km […]

  • Coaching 101 – Bike Equipment 101

    Coaching 101 – Bike Equipment 101

    When it comes to triathlon equipment the bike is the area that throws up the most questions, simply because there are just so many options and everyone has advice on what is their favourite. This piece is not so much about comparing one against the other rather it is about looking at what you need […]

  • Coaching 101 – Climbing

    Coaching 101 – Climbing

    While the weather hasn’t been perfect for our weekend rides I want to keep our ride theme going. This week I want to give you a few things to think about when you are climbing. While riding a bike uphill doesn’t pose many challenges as the slower speed makes us less likely to fall and […]

  • Coaching 101 – Bike Handling

    Coaching 101 – Bike Handling

    Last week we looked at how you position yourself on the bike, so to keep the cycling theme going today we are exploring bike handling. It is interesting when I talk to people about their bike handling. Some will say I haven’t had a crash so it must be okay, others will say yeah I am pretty […]

  • Coaching 101 – Bike Positioning

    Coaching 101 – Bike Positioning

    With spring approaching you should be  starting to think about riding more. While this winter the A group has turned into a fun, smash fest out to Lobethal, after our grand final on Saturday it is time to regroup a little bit and get some solid consistent miles into the legs. However it is one […]

  • Coaching 101 – Everesting 2020

    Coaching 101 – Everesting 2020

    Last Saturday two Lakers, Hugh Gallagher and Allan Thomas completed an epic day, Everesting Ridgeland drive off Norton Summit. While there were some doubts about the weather the boys were committed and locked in a  4am start. Hugh is not renowned for his early starts so beating Allan to the start line was a massive […]