Laker Ladder

What is it?

The Laker Ladder is ranking system that is used to help promote participation in local races as well as providing a way to determine club age group winners for the season. It’s also a fun way to compare your own results year after year as well as any friendly rivalries you have with other club members.

Laker Ladder

How do the points work?

Points are calculated for each of the local races during the season. This includes all Gatti, Moana, Franklin Island, Kingston, Murray Man, Victor, Silver Sands and other races. Points for each race are calculated as a percentage of the overall winners’ time and at the end of the season the average of your best 5 races are used to determine your final ranking score (Note: if you completed less than 5 races, your total still gets divided by 5, so it may seem lower than you expect).


Overall winner of a race finishes in 1hour 30 minutes – they get awarded 100 points.

Everyone else in the race gets points awarded as a percentage of the winners’ time.

If you finished the race in 1 hour 45 minutes you would get awarded 85.7 points (winners time divided by your time)

If you finished the race in 2 hours you would get awarded 75 points (winners time divided by your time)

To keep things as even as possible due to variables in every race (distance, weather conditions, quality of the field, etc.) the overall winner’s points may be lowered to 95 or 90, which will lower everyone’s ranking for that individual race.

The aim is to make the big point scoring races those races which attract the best fields such as State Championship or big prize money races.

Comparison from Previous Years

The Laker Ladder is now in its second year, so as the season progresses we’ll include Ladder positions from previous years!

What do the columns mean?

  • Rank – Overall rank on the Ladder
  • Full Name – Laker members name
  • Age Group – Laker members’ age group
  • No Races – The number of local races the member raced in for the season
  • Average for Best 5 Races – The average score from your best 5 local races (Note: if you completed less than 5 races, your total still gets divided by 5, so it may seem lower than you expect)
  • Potential Score – This is the ranking points you could achieve if you had raced the minimum local 5 races. It is calculated by dividing your total points by the actual number of races you completed.

If you have any questions or have results from a race missing, please contact Cam Maher