Coaching 101 – Climbing

While the weather hasn’t been perfect for our weekend rides I want to keep our ride theme going. This week I want to give you a few things to think about when you are climbing. While riding a bike uphill doesn’t pose many challenges as the slower speed makes us less likely to fall and … Continue reading Coaching 101 – Climbing

Coaching 101 – Bike Handling

Last week we looked at how you position yourself on the bike, so to keep the cycling theme going today we are exploring bike handling. It is interesting when I talk to people about their bike handling. Some will say I haven’t had a crash so it must be okay, others will say yeah I am pretty … Continue reading Coaching 101 – Bike Handling

Member Profile – Gavin Lutze

My first triathlon was an enticer event at Meningie in 2006, 100 m swim, 8k bike, 1km run. That evening at a party everyone I told was so impressed that I’d done such a gruelling event at the old age of 45. Next was Kingston Olympic, finished 2nd last, then some Gatti races. Still finishing … Continue reading Member Profile – Gavin Lutze

Coaching 101 – Bike Positioning

With spring approaching you should be  starting to think about riding more. While this winter the A group has turned into a fun, smash fest out to Lobethal, after our grand final on Saturday it is time to regroup a little bit and get some solid consistent miles into the legs. However it is one … Continue reading Coaching 101 – Bike Positioning

Coaching 101 – Chasing Numbers

Talk to enough triathletes and you soon realise they share many things in common, their personalities, their drive, their passion, their love of coffee, gadgets and classy training outfits, but without a doubt the strongest connection between triathletes of all abilities is their love of numbers. Whether it be power, HR, time, distance, meters of … Continue reading Coaching 101 – Chasing Numbers

Coaching 101 – Racing and Pacing

Sunday is our annual Lakers 5-25 run which has morphed into a 7-42 run. The option of a 42km run gives people the chance to run a qualifier for Wonderland if it goes ahead this year and also to go the journey on the same day that the Gold Coast marathon would have been happening.  … Continue reading Coaching 101 – Racing and Pacing