Bike Repair Workshop

Learn how to maintain your bike Owning a bike is not required Come and learn some great hands-on skills. Check out the Teaser from our Bike Maintenance Workshop   Free 2 hour workshop Instructed by Darren O’Grady International Cycles Hosted by "Lakers" Susane Belkhiati Women For Tri Australian Ambassador September 23rd: Meet at Velo Precinct, [...]

Coaching 101 – Do I need to be a member?

One of the biggest challenges Triathlon has always faced is turning, what for many is a recreation or a personal pursuit, into a sport. People participate for many reasons. Some just like training, others are past members who want the social interaction, others chase IM glory, others to keep fit, and some are after victory [...]

Unclaimed awards – 2017

Lakers 2016/17 Annual Award Trophies: The below list are Trophies that can be picked up by the winner's of the award or a friend that can deliver to the recipient. Congratulations to all winners. 2 x Oscar Simpendorfer 1 x Ruth Ramsey 1 x Ella Shanahan 1 x Jason Delfos 1 x Kylie Bath All [...]

Call me Baby

SunSmart IRONMAN Western Australia - Busselton 2012 Lakers "Call Me Maybe" The Talented Lakers Busso-2012 Ironman crew, performing "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen. Call me bias but I think in comparison the Lakers Video is more entertaining. One could call it pre-race training, only (220 views) however, so lets ramp up the view's, we seem to be [...]