Member Profile – James Hammond

I’ve loved sports my whole life and have a fairly competitive nature. I grew up in New Zealand playing cricket, hockey and golf as well as competitive swimming up until 13 which has been handy to resume as an adult triathlete. I never really chose a single sport to excel in and was more a [...]

When to rotate shoes…

No, this is not talking about just flipping your running shoes over to get the dirt out! When is it beneficial to have multiple pairs of shoes in your weekly running routine? If you are at a stage in your running life where you are pounding the pavement on consecutive days and/or adding different styles [...]

Coaching 101 – Everesting 2020

Last Saturday two Lakers, Hugh Gallagher and Allan Thomas completed an epic day, Everesting Ridgeland drive off Norton Summit. While there were some doubts about the weather the boys were committed and locked in a  4am start. Hugh is not renowned for his early starts so beating Allan to the start line was a massive [...]

Coaching 101 – Dry Land Swim Training

Swimming is a complex, dynamic task using the whole body to propel us forward. While many think that getting stronger in the gym will see them swim faster the reality is this is pretty much limited to the top end elite sprinters at an Olympic level and perhaps at the entry level if the basic [...]

Member Profile – Wendy Keast

My husband Glen and I joined the Lakers after he decided to do his first (and supposedly only) Ironman in 2013.  I had never heard of this sport before, and after learning about what it entailed, I really thought it was complete madness! Whilst in Port Macquarie for said mad sport, we met Bernie and [...]

Coaching 101 – Bike Maintenance

If you are brave enough to ride outdoors wet weather means a dirty bike. I know I have been very guilty in the past of not giving my bike the TLC it deserves. My solution to cleaning was to simply throw my lube on the chain. However now that I have found a way to [...]