Coaching 101 – Bike Positioning

With spring approaching you should be  starting to think about riding more. While this winter the A group has turned into a fun, smash fest out to Lobethal, after our grand final on Saturday it is time to regroup a little bit and get some solid consistent miles into the legs. However it is one [...]

Coaching 101 – Chasing Numbers

Talk to enough triathletes and you soon realise they share many things in common, their personalities, their drive, their passion, their love of coffee, gadgets and classy training outfits, but without a doubt the strongest connection between triathletes of all abilities is their love of numbers. Whether it be power, HR, time, distance, meters of [...]

Coaching 101 – Racing and Pacing

Sunday is our annual Lakers 5-25 run which has morphed into a 7-42 run. The option of a 42km run gives people the chance to run a qualifier for Wonderland if it goes ahead this year and also to go the journey on the same day that the Gold Coast marathon would have been happening.  [...]

Coaching 101 – Getting into the swim of things

With swim training due to get under way shortly it is a good opportunity to reboot your swimming and make it better than ever. To start with if you haven’t swum for a while swimming will be tough. Maybe the first 25m will feel good but if you are like me, after that the piano [...]

Wetsuits – Buying, Care and Maintenance

Hi Lakers, Ken here from Oi Wetsuit Repairs, I'm here to talk about Wetsuits ie:- Buying, Care and Maintenance. Firstly when buying a wetsuit know what your going to use it for (Triathlons or Open water swimming?), from there you should ask the shop assistant as many questions as possible about the wetsuit such as [...]

Coaching 101 – Winter Solstice

Never before has June 21st meant so much. Typically I write how June 21 represents the first turning point of winter. Mentally training at this time of the year is tough as the mornings are dark and the weather cold and this year wet. This year after the isolation of the past 3 months winter solstice [...]