With the Tour Down Under in full swing we take the annual Lakers TDU ride to McLaren Vale and Willunga Hill this week. This is a great day out and highly recommended.

We will meet at Cibo, Henley Square at normal time (7 for 7.15 start) and break up into groups.

The faster groups will go first and the slower ones to follow. This will break the group up and spread the breakfast orders out.

We head down the coast to Moana and then across to McLaren Vale for breakfast at “The Tin Shed”. We should all arrive the between 9am and 10am.

After breakfast we take in the start of the TDU race and watch them come through town a couple of times before riding up Willunga Hill to watch the 2 laps up there and the finish. We then head back to Henley.

Distance: It is 50km to McLaren Vale and a further 10km to Willunga with a 60km trip home.

If you are not comfortable with the distance or can’t stay out all day some options that various Lakers will take up include:

  • Head back after breakfast for a 100km round trip.
  • Work out with friends to have cars down there to get a lift home.
  • Drive part way down (Hallet, Noarlunga or Moana) and ride the rest.

Hope to see you all out there on Saturday

Club Group ride From Henley Beach to McClaren Vale for breakfast the up Willunga Hill to watch TDU King of the Mountain, them home, a big day out. (Free: pay for your own  Food and Drinks)