Lake Swim


Lakers Lake Swim 2019


Hi All,

Going of the 2018 swimmers participation we should see a huge entry list and great weather predicted it’s shaping up to be an amazing day!

Friday Evening 23rd February 18:00 to about 21:00
Aim to arrive around 17:30
Swim Briefing at 17:45 with an expected finish around 21:00

Location: Tiranna Way West Lakes, just off Fredrick Rd.

As it is a club event, adult participants should be club members (unless special permission requested and waiver signed). Non- member children may participate. No cost.
6km Individual swim: (over and back 3 times)

  1. Race briefing at 17:45,  wetsuits not allowed if temperature is above 24.5 Degrees Celsius (TA Rules).
  2. Bring “grease/oil’ to protect neck from 6km of “wetsuit rub”. BRING WATER BOTTLES.
  3. First swimmer off at 18:00. Times according to large digital clocks.
  4. Start between the green flags and finish at water’s edge near the club flag.
  5. Bright GREEN Swim caps (supplied) to be worn by all competitors.
  6. Water bottles to be left on Lake edge or given to Water Cover Kayakers
  7. PRIZES: Fastest Male, Fastest Female, Fastest Graded winner.

Teams event: 1km, 2km, 3km, 4km or 5km swimmers.

Race briefing at 17:45.

1km, 3km or 5 km changeover: walk along edge of lake over the bridge to sandy beach on the Island. A Lakers flag will be there in the sand.

  1. First team off at 18:15
  2. Start between the green flags and finish at waters edge near club flag.
  3. All swimmers must wear bright, coloured team swim caps supplied.
  4. For safety reasons, the “water cover kayakers are available. If in difficulty, swimmers should stop and wave one hand above head.
  5. Prizes: for 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed teams.

Kids events: older and younger age group races; please add names and ages to list on notice board. Kid’s race starts approx. 20:00. High Fives for all participants.

Tea/Dinner: 19:30 onwards.

Note: In the event of an EPA warming against swimming in the Lake the swim will be replaced by a fun run with breakfast continuing as planned.


2018 Swimmers List (Historic)


6km Swimmers

  • Simon Gibson
  • Chelsea Damp
  • Vincent Tremaine
  • Tessa Moorfield
  • Chantal Xavier
  • Belinda Whitehill
  • David Sands
  • Keren Leanne-Graham
  • Corey Tozer

Team names have not been placed in a particular order. We ask that you discuss this Sunday morning to establish your preferred order and change over points. Please be mindful that some swimmers will need to swim early, others late, some are helping with water cover and some have kids to look after. But we are confident that it will all work out.



Swimmer 1

Swimmer 2

Swimmer 3


Jane Johnson 2k

Allan Thomas 2k

Ian Leeson 2k


Dominic Molyneux 2k

Nicole Jones 2k

Wesley Martin 2k


Ian Leeson 2k

Jen Lutze 2k

Kylie Bath 2k


Kevin Carr 2km

Gav Lutze 4k


Brenton Johnston 2k

Matthew Rechner 2k

Kevin Carr 2k


Jonathon Gelsthorpe 4k

Amanda Barlow 1k

Shona Gelsthorpe 1k


Katherine Dose 4k

Philip Tuck 2k


Kevin Fergusson 4k

Amelia 2k


Dean Garrett 2k

Danielle Lee 2k

Tracy Kotzee 2k


Miranda McInnes 2k

Geraldine Dixon 2k

Deb Flaherty 1k Brenton Johnston 1k


Juan Lopez 2k

Michael Gallasch 2k

Daz Tozer 2k


Susane Belkhiati 2k

Mikhayla Belkhiati 1k

Kent Dredge 3k


Hugh Gallager 4k

Jason Hazimihall 2k


Maria Rondon 2k

Marcus Roberts 2k

Andrea McKivett 2k


Adam Stone 2k

Ali Stone 2k

JA Keplin 2k


Todd Hicks 2k

Neil Foster 2k

Chris McGirr 2k


Sarah Calton 2k

Ian Berry 2k

Andreana Moore 2k


David Bairstow 3k

Darren Bosanko 3k

Total Adults: 84 Total Swimmers: 56 Kids: 12