Coaching 101 – Triathlon Kit Bag

So with the first triathlon of the season upon us, the final equipment review relates to all the little bits and pieces that you may require for training or on race day

  • Weights equipment or a gym membership. Bands are great (tubing you can tie onto things or thicker looped bands for looping around your ankles) if you don’t have access to weights. Looped bands are perfect for all of your glute workouts. While resistance tubing is great for rotator cuff exercises
  • Compression garments or fancy air compression products like Normatech or air relax offer many advantages. I love my compression tights for sleeping in to settle restless legs.
  • Massage balls and rollers or just a massage with a therapist will also help target tight spots. I like the spikey balls for massaging my plantar fascia or down my spine. I have also bought various massage tools that I have had some success with over the years at least to make you feel better
  • Nutrition and hydration products. This is a little user preference but basically the longer or harder you go you need to consider your carbohydrate, electrolyte and protein needs. In the heat fluid intake becomes vital
  • For race day the following is a list of things I might consider taking (especially for an interstate or overseas event)
    • Compression gear (tights or air recovery
    • bike box
    • Panadol, Ventolin, medication etc.
    • Vaseline
    • Massage oil
    • chargers
    • Electrical tape
    • towel
    • Chain oil/WD40
    • Allen keys
    • Pedal spanner
    • Tyre levers
    • Track pump
    • Band aids
    • Screw drivers
    • Race booklet
    • Race plan
    • Swim cap for training
    • Spare goggles and swim cap (training)
    • Spare cycle and run gear
    • Spare running shoes
    • Spare bathers
    • Rags
    • sunscreen
    • Energy drinks and gels
    • head lamp for a dark transition,
    • rubber bands
    • Tape for ankles etc.
    • Ear plugs, eye mask, pillow
    • Snack food for plane
    • Disposable thongs if long walk to swim start
    • and I am sure there are plenty more you can add to the list

So that’s a starting list that you might need to consider for swim, bike, run, post session and racing. I am sure you will add and take from the list to create your own over the years but most important of all come race day is to have an equipment checklist. Spend some time making your checklist and then settle the mind by ticking everything off when it is packed away

This is a good starting place for your checklist

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