Wetsuits – Buying, Care and Maintenance

Hi Lakers,

Ken here from Oi Wetsuit Repairs, I’m here to talk about Wetsuits ie:- Buying, Care and Maintenance.

Firstly when buying a wetsuit know what your going to use it for (Triathlons or Open water swimming?), from there you should ask the shop assistant as many questions as possible about the wetsuit such as buoyancy, thickness, stretch, fit and how to put on the correct way, try as many wetsuits as possible until you find the correct fitting and size, there are two types of wetsuits used in Triathlons:

  1. Full suit (long arms & legs)
  2. Longjohn (no sleeves, long legs), the choice is yours!

A good fitting wetsuit should not chafe you around the neck or any other parts of your body, if this happens then your wetsuit is not sitting properly on your body and will need re-adjustment until correct.

When putting a wetsuit on the best and fastest way is to use a freezer bag on both your hands and feet, both will slide like butter through your wetsuit and most importantly to AVOID at all costs your fingernails! When putting your wetsuit on grab the neoprene using the side of your thumb and side of your index finger to pull the wetsuit up in stages, NEVER use the tops of your fingers to grab the neoprene as your nails will cut the neoprene leaving an unsightly view of your wetsuit and with some wetsuits costing over $1300 you want to make sure this doesn’t happen.

If and when it comes to chafing the best anti-chafe I have come across is the Bodyglide, it has No oil ingredients, if buying anti-chafe cream or balm make sure there is no OIL in the product as this will slowly eat away at the neoprene basically killing your expensive wetsuit that I can’t repair!

Our Brands of wetsuits we use for Hire and Recommend is
*Australian Owned *:- 2XU & BLUESEVENTY

We have our own line of Australian Made “HOT HEAD” Swim caps now available in two sizes and thicknesses, our swim caps are Triathlon legal in 2.5mm & 4.5mm and retail for $36.95ea, see our website for details or call us on 0458071493.

Yours sincerely,
Ken Brain
Owner of Oi Wetsuit Repairs!

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