Coaching 101 – Everesting 2020

Last Saturday two Lakers, Hugh Gallagher and Allan Thomas completed an epic day, Everesting Ridgeland drive off Norton Summit. While there were some doubts about the weather the boys were committed and locked in a  4am start. Hugh is not renowned for his early starts so beating Allan to the start line was a massive start for the day.

In the end it took them just over 13hrs to complete 186km and 8998m of climbing.

For Allan he can now claim to be one of the few people on the planet to have “Everested” on his bike and to have stood on the summit of Everest which he did 10 years ago.

For Hugh it was about setting a goal and working towards it.

The day presented plenty of challenges but they smiled their way through it all and ticked a mighty big box.

While fitness is important on a day like this, especially endurance and fatigue resistance, the day was mostly about preparation. I use the Acronym PEP when it comes to preparation.

  • Planning /purpose/preparation/Perspective 
  • Evaluation/experience/ experimenting/environment and
  • Persistence/Perspiration/patience/passion/psychology

In the months leading up to the big day the boys were always thinking about different elements of the day- the course, food, pacing, mind tools, equipment, bike handling, cadence, gearing. Every ride was a chance to test and explore. Race day became the ultimate chance to see if their plan was up for it.

In the end a 4am start time was well planned out. The early hours riding in the dark are awesome as the city sparkled below. Then to ride through the day without having to push into the evening was perfect. The rain held off, other than a bit of drizzle to add to the adventure, but mostly this was about enduring the time, the toll, the workload, the boredom.

They had plenty of food to eat which included pasta and noodles for lunch and it seems as if Allan had more than enough stories to regale Hugh with through the day to keep them focused. Mentally they were challenged as the distance became real. It was amazing how quickly the early hours passed but the clock sure slowed down as they hit half way. Over time the body’s systems progressively break down and what was once easy becomes hard. This is where they found out if their pacing strategy and training was appropriate. In the end while they would probably do a few things differently they were able to get through the day and achieve the ultimate satisfaction.

Well done boys

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