5 Minutes with Nancy

5 Minutes with Nancy

Introduction: After much cajoling I have finally been able to get my long awaited Interview with Nancy. I know you will all enjoy hearing her candid responses.

SB: How does it feel to be the only Australian ‘Overall IRONMAN All World Athlete (AWA) Champion for 2017?

NC: I am delighted to be ranked Number 1 in my age group for 2017 and be the WA Champion! I thinks it’s a once in a lifetime ranking …it also means I have supported a number of IM races!!

SB: Can you tell us how you got into this sport?

NC: It was Andrena Moore (also a World Champion!) who kept asking me to come out and try a triathlon. That was a decade ago. It was also Andrena and Mary Mitchell who aspired to go to Hawaii. Luckily we all went to Kona for our first race in 2008! The lure of Hawaii has drawn Mary and myself back for a number of races, and between us we have competed at Kona more than a dozen times.

SB: What are your personal strengths that you bring into this sport?

NC: I understand the importance of exercise in maintaining a healthy active life. I also like being fit so that helps. Orthopaedic training has made me somewhat resilient which is quite helpful in long course racing…you just keep going!

SB: Do you feel you react to ‘the pack’? Or is this all about a time trial against yourself? Is it a conscious decision for you to ‘win’ or ‘try your best’?

NC: I doubt I could react to a pack! I pretty much race my own race and stick to my plan. I race the best I can on the day. It’s always a bonus to win but I don’t give that much thought…I think everyone at home knew I won in Kona before I did!

SB: What was your best race ever?

NC: Well it would have to be my last race in Kona 2017- winning my age group at the World Championship. It doesn’t get much better than that J SB: Fair call Nancy!

SB: Worst race ever?

NC: My only DNF at a sunshine coast 70.3 when I was too sick to finish.

SB: Can you share your best race ‘experience’ ever?

NC: I would have to say going to Kona in 2013 with 17 other Lakers and racing with my husband David in 2012/3 was absolutely fantastic! That says so much about our club.

SB: (Getting a bit personal) What might we never know/guess about you?

NC: That I bake biscotti every Christmas and it takes me all day, nearly as long as it takes to do an ironman…but it’s worth it J SB: So…I guess we are all rocking up to Nancy and David’s for Christmas this year…

SB: What’s your most embarrassing moment during a race/training?

NC: That I am a Grandma going downhill on my bike!

SB: What was your biggest ‘Rookie’ error?

NC: Mmm… wanting to try a new energy product the night before my first 70.3 in Meningie! Jan Daley set me straight .

SB: Do you carry a lucky charm/have a special mantra?

NC: I don’t have a lucky charm. I do have a few Mantras that keep me going –mostly it’s get a Move on it! I don’t want to be out here all night.

SB: Before we finish off, is there anything else you would like to add?

NC: I would like to thank Nigel for nearly a decade of coaching! I also want to say how lucky we are to be part of the “Lakers”. We have such great comradery in the club! The recent Willunga ride at the TDU was testament to that. We also have many inspirational people in our club -Kevin Ferguson, Griffe West, Colin Clarke, Felicity Lloyd, Mary Mitchell, Sam Boag to name just a few who are fantastic role models for all of us. I have really enjoyed being part of the Lakers –see you all out there!

Text by Susanê Belkhiati  |  Image supplied by Nancy Cullen


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