Coaching 101 – Do I need to be a member?

One of the biggest challenges Triathlon has always faced is turning, what for many is a recreation or a personal pursuit, into a sport. People participate for many reasons. Some just like training, others are past members who want the social interaction, others chase IM glory, others to keep fit, and some are after victory in the state series or state championship races. The challenge for the sport is to create a viable competition structure and support network (clubs etc.), and then getting buy in from participants. We need participants to want to be a part of the sport, not just someone who does the odd race.

The state championship events, state series and Laker ladder are all means by which we are trying to turn individual events into a sport. The dream is to create a series that everyone aspires to and allows ongoing measurement of where they are at. Cam does a great job at updating the “Laker ladder” each season and it would be great to see the competition for age group victory and Laker supremacy growing each year.

Triathlon Australia is the national body governing the sport, which is supported by Triathlon SA and the clubs, coaches, race directors and other stakeholders. If you haven’t re-joined the Lakers for this year it is important to remember that when you sign up to the Lakers you will also be joining TA and TriSA.

Your membership fees go into many areas including growing the sport, administration, marketing for growth, technical officials and junior development. Having been involved with Triathlon SA in the past I am well aware of the challenges the sport faces and the need for all participants to play an active role.

Without support in this area we would simply be a recreation and not a sport. With competition coming from all directions (new sports and activities), we need to continue to make triathlon relevant and something that continues to attract new participants. All of the sports stakeholders act as one enormous organism that needs to work together to grow the sport and keep it viable.



Like all sports, insurance is a major part of membership fees, protecting all stakeholders from potential litigation as well as some financial protection to members. Your membership offers a limited amount of accident/injury cover to fill gaps after Medicare and health insurance if you incur medical costs as a result of your sport. There is also a limited amount of income protection if you are unable to work for extended periods.

However the main benefit is that it covers you for Public liability insurance. This would be required if you cause an accident while training, that injures someone else. The costs of these can blow out to the hundreds of thousands of dollars and very few people have coverage with their home and contents insurance. So if you ride in the Lakers bunch then you should be a TA member.

2017-2018 Membership Insurance

This benefit is also included in your race entry and this is why members don’t have to pay the one day race license which includes this insurance component for the race.

While your membership does covers sport insurance, it is your contribution to the sport that is the most important. If you haven’t signed up for this season, even if you think you are only going to do one or two races, I would still strongly suggest you become a member and play your part in contributing to the sport. Likewise if you have only been a part player on the local scene in the past then I would also urge you to get behind the local calendar, target as many races as you can and help to grow our sport.


For all insurance information, please refer to the V-Insurance Group website
GO:  Triathlon Australia National Insurance Program website >>