A quick update to let you know that the very 1st International Club Grant funding from Ironman Women For Tri for the Lady Lakers has been confirmed. Woo Hoo!!!
Our next step is to work out what sort of ‘workshops’ you would be keen to see happen. I thought this would be a great place to get some ideas rolling.

The purpose of the Women for Tri 2017 Triathlon Club Grant Program (the “Program”) is to support triathlon clubs in their efforts to increase female membership and engagement. These efforts may include but are not limited to  clinics, seminars and educational lectures, and social gatherings. These grants are available to all triathlon clubs who are looking to increase female participation and is not limited to women-only triathlon clubs.

Click here to read rules, requirements and how to apply.

Need ideas on how to increase your female membership? Click here to download the “Official Women For Tri Best Practices Playbook”!

A little More: for Lakers Ladies:

What is TRI



Published by Tony Brady

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